Conflict Resolution Specialists featured in national media and authors of "Stand Up and Lead" Curriculum. Their programming develops positive leadership and productive environments for organizations, schools and communities. Lauded at the United Nations as a "Model Program for the World" 


Executive Consultant, Seminar Leader

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Executive Consultant, Seminar Leader


        Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli is a renowned facilitator and educator especially in realms of leadership, community-building, communications, non-violence, and conflict resolution. He has appeared in National and International Media, including ABC and CNN. Mr. Crescitelli is a very effective Conflict Resolution Specialist, certified in both Negotiation and Mediation.  Lindy Crescitelli is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Institute for International Leadership, Non-Violence, & Service, as well as the “STAND UP & LEAD!” Initiative.  It is through this successful Initaitatvie that he has been contracted recently to work with the United Federation of Teachers and the BRAVE AntiBullying Campaign.
Mr. Crescitelli has served as a member of the United Nation’s “Season of Non-Violence” organizing committee and has done presentations several times at the United Nations’ World Headquarters.  Lindy Crescitelli has implemented a multitude of anti-bias programming and has worked as a skilled professional Coporate Consultant, Trainer, and Mediator.  He was the President of Students Concerned About Rape Education and traveled across the country addressing the issues of relationships, dating violence, gender bias, and effective communication and violence prevention.  Mr. Crescitelli was featured in a National TV Special on Athletes and Violence Prevention as well as on ABC National Network Television. He was lauded as a National Expert in YM magazine and featured in a cover story on Campus Relationships & Violence Awareness in The Village Voice newspaper, he has apeared in Newsweek and many other publications, radio and TV programs 
Lindy Crescitelli distinguished himself during almost ten years of classroom teaching experience within the New York City Department of Education. He implemented and coordinated a large Service-Learning Program including Civics, Goverenmental and Political Science.  Mr. Crescitelli and has originated, organized, presented, and coordinated many other youth and staff development workshops, conferences, videos, curriculums, programs, and trainings. Lindy Crescitelli served for several years throughout the United States as Lead Educator for American Civil Rights Educational Services.  He co-authored the Stand Up & Lead: Curriculum Guide, featuring strategies addressing bullying and more effective learning environments.  Mr. Crescitelli currently works with Peace Dynamics Consultants and in a variety of ways with numerous businesses, school districts, boards, universities, and other community, corporate, and educational institutions. 

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Peace Dynamics Speak at the United Nations

Mr. George S. Anthony Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli Peace Dynamics  Partnerships and Clients;

United Nations, U.S. Institute for Peace, Seeds of Peace, United Federation of Teachers, Anne Frank Center USA/ Netherlands, NYC Department of Education District Schools, National Education Association, The Temple of Understanding, The Anti Defamation League, Yad Vashem World Center for Holocaust Research, Rutgers University, Monmouth Universty, Brookdale College, ABC News, YMCA Social Services, Rumson, NJ School District, Keyport, NJ School District, NJ Governor's Advisory Board, NY State Police, Asbury Park School District, Passic, NJ School District, St. Mary's Mother of God School, NJ, American Civil Rights Education Services, Staten Island, NY Parent Associations