Conflict Resolution Specialists featured in national media and authors of "Stand Up and Lead" Curriculum. Their programming develops positive leadership and productive environments for organizations, schools and communities. Lauded at the United Nations as a "Model Program for the World" 

NY 1 featured Peace Dynamics

NY 1 featured Peace Dynamics: Stand Up and Lead Program developed by George S. Anthony and Lindy P. Crescitelli. The program has been lauded by the United Federation of Teachers as a "Game Changer"

The Stand Up & Lead Initiative

The Stand Up & Lead Initiative was founded by Mr. George S. Anthony & Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli, internationally renowned facilitators, educators, & conflict resolution specialists, highlighted in National Media including ABC & CNN.  Their  programs have been lauded at the United Nations & are implemented in schools, businesses & communities worldwide. Read more about STAND UP & LEAD Program

Educational Training's

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   Conflict Resolution and the Model School
Programs that Format an Inclusive Society of Caring Students within Caring Communities.
Stand Up and Lead – The Whole School Approach
Anti Bullying and Leadership Initiatives
This class is offered to faculty,students and parents. It is an interactive workshop where communication, leadership and anti bullying  skills are taught.  Student leadership and community awareness are introduced to the participants as options toward embracing tolerance in our daily lives. A separate component is incorporated into this workshop for parents and students. Parents are introduced to coping mechanisms to be used in the home, office or community. Students are introduced to community mapping where they can gauge their leadership abilities.
 Breaking the Bully – Victim Dynamic 
"We do it because we can" a simply answer when I asked a student using bullying behaviors as to why he victimizes his fellow students. Is it “boys will be boys,” or is it more? Some bully with fists, others with words. This course will explore ways to address bullying… so they can't. Students are given the skills to find their voice, resolve their issues and stand up for those who stand-alone.
  • Introductions-Searching for Solutions
  • Building Connections/Student Support
  • Understanding Bully Dynamics {Family-Group Home- School-Community}
  • How Bullying Affects Us Personally/ Being A Part of the Solution
  • School Strategies
  • Conflicts and Choice
  • Surviving the Bully Environment
  • Taking Control-Transforming the Bully/Victim Paradigm
  • Programs That Work/Conflict Resolution
  • Stand Up To Bullies – Choices for Bystanders
  • Victims to Leaders
  • Affirmations-Pledge of Service
Bullying & Cyber-Bullying : Effectively working with Faculty, Students & Families  

A Dynamic Presentation effectively addressing bullying behaviors that plague today's youth and families on 
the Internet and in school.  Cyber-Bullying is more pervasive than ever and can lead to problems that include Violence & Youth Suicides. 
A proven Whole-School Community Approach will be shared and participants will leave with insights and useful tools 
to implement within their school communities. 

Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation -    Developing effective communication   
                                                                          skills in resolving differences
This basic level course is a practical skill-building class utilizing role plays, exercises, discussions and training presentations to teach appropriate responses to conflict situations which arise in school, business or family situations. This interactive class  in conflict management and mediation principles within the conflict resolution spectrum. It is also appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about and supporting the development in leadership and peer mediation programs.
Empowering Our Families to Lead and Succeed
Parent Strategies in Overcoming Conflict and Communication Pitfalls
 This basic level course is a practical skill-building class utilizing role playing, discussion and trainer presentations to teach appropriate responses to conflict situations which arise in family situations, schools and in professional environments. Conflict Management/Communication skill strategies are based on the idea that children and adults can develop a new awareness and a willingness to examine and change conflict behaviors if handled constructively. Learn to respond to problems, how to avoid arguments and build more lasting relationships in your home and community.
The Art of Effective Negotiation-Dealing with Individuals in the School, Workplace, Community and Home
 Each encounter utilizes specific strategies. This workshop is designed to recognize the level of difficulty and rather than “react” to the situation, participants will be instructed how to respond and control the encounter. The intent is to strategically neutralize, identify and control the encounter and bring it to a place of effective and productive dialogue where you play a role in the outcome.
Class size no more than twenty-five teachers or students.
Assembly and Conference Presentations 25-2500
All workshops tailored to fit and accommodate your needs and concerns.
"Strategies in Creating Sustainable Non Violent Communities"

A growing concern within the peace building community is the lack of sustainable programs where our children can identify their own self-worth and take ownership in skill building strategies toward creating safer and more caring communities. The challenge is to fill the void by creating transformative programs that identifies and build safe zones that sustain peace and social justice.
When a community is introduced to useful conflict management, a set of prepared and trained responses identify and neutralize conflict by providing proactive solutions that can create peace and then be sustained by the actions of others working together. By bringing a sense of community based on effective communication, teamwork, hope and responsible leadership, then peace can become possible.

Consultants -  George S. Anthony an award winning educator and conflict resolution consultant. His programs have been featured on 20/20 Special Reports “Social Cruelty in America”, ABC News Special Programming “ Bullying in the Classroom” and CNN “ Crossing Borders.”
 Lindy P. Crescitelli a nationally renowned facilitator and educator has been featured in Newsweek magazine and numerous publications for his work in community leadership, inter-personal relations, development and social awareness.
Their programs have been implemented in national and international forums.

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Peace Dynamics Speak at the United Nations

Mr. George S. Anthony Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli Peace Dynamics  Partnerships and Clients;

United Nations, U.S. Institute for Peace, Seeds of Peace, United Federation of Teachers, Anne Frank Center USA/ Netherlands, NYC Department of Education District Schools, National Education Association, The Temple of Understanding, The Anti Defamation League, Yad Vashem World Center for Holocaust Research, Rutgers University, Monmouth Universty, Brookdale College, ABC News, YMCA Social Services, Rumson, NJ School District, Keyport, NJ School District, NJ Governor's Advisory Board, NY State Police, Asbury Park School District, Passic, NJ School District, St. Mary's Mother of God School, NJ, American Civil Rights Education Services, Staten Island, NY Parent Associations