Conflict Resolution Specialists featured in national media and authors of "Stand Up and Lead" Curriculum. Their programming develops positive leadership and productive environments for organizations, schools and communities. Lauded at the United Nations as a "Model Program for the World" 

Workshop Descriptions

  • Breaking the Bully/Victim Dynamic
  • Cyber bully Basics: What every parent and educator should know.
  • Stand Up & Lead (In Educational Communities)
  • The Art of Effective Communication
  • Teaching Tolerance in Turbulent Times
  • Civil Rights Movement: Lessons for Today
  • Basic Mediation Training
  • Advanced Mediation Training
  • Building Communities That Work
  • Service-Learning: It's Not Just Volunteering
  • Creating Service Programs: Maximizing The Impact
  • Anti-Violence: It's More than Anger Management
  • Relationship: Abuse, Gender Bias, & Violence Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution: The 21st Century Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution: The Whole School Approach
  • Conflict Resolution for Our Homes & Communities
  • Creating an Ideal and Cooperative Working Environment
  • Empowering Families to Lead and Succeed
  • Neutralizing Difficult Behaviors
  • Healthy or Controlling Relationships: Knowing the Difference
  • Interfaith Dialogue: Bridging Caring Communities
  • Holocaust Education and Anti Bully Initiatives
  • Effective Leadership in the Special Needs/ Mainstream Community
  • Corporate, Community and Organizational Mediations
  • Leadership Dynamics: Finding Your Voice

The Stand Up & Lead Initiative

The Stand Up & Lead Initiative was founded by Mr. George S. Anthony & Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli, internationally renowned facilitators, educators, & conflict resolution specialists, highlighted in National Media including ABC & CNN.  Their  programs have been lauded at the United Nations & are implemented in schools, businesses & communities worldwide. Read more about STAND UP & LEAD Program

Peace Dynamics Speak at the United Nations

Mr. George S. Anthony Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli Peace Dynamics  Partnerships and Clients;

United Nations, U.S. Institute for Peace, Seeds of Peace, United Federation of Teachers, Anne Frank Center USA/ Netherlands, NYC Department of Education District Schools, National Education Association, The Temple of Understanding, The Anti Defamation League, Yad Vashem World Center for Holocaust Research, Rutgers University, Monmouth Universty, Brookdale College, ABC News, YMCA Social Services, Rumson, NJ School District, Keyport, NJ School District, NJ Governor's Advisory Board, NY State Police, Asbury Park School District, Passic, NJ School District, St. Mary's Mother of God School, NJ, American Civil Rights Education Services, Staten Island, NY Parent Associations